We’re Unique


Precise Private Practice diamond pain relief & WellnessWe operate as a Precise Private Practice.

As a Precise Private Practice, we will ONLY accept clients and patients we know we can PRECISELY help.

If we can get you your PRECISE goals achieved, through PRECISE protocols and procedures to reach your PRECISE RESULTS ~ then you may be accepted.
We also ONLY work with the best practitioners and therapists. Your therapist is so confident you’ll feel your session was worth what you paid, they offer you a unique “you’ll be happy or you don’t pay” guarantee!

(Now who else is THAT confident?)

But, it takes two to tango…

When you call to schedule your appointment, we will ask you some very specific questions to be sure we can support you on your road to wellness. If we believe we can get you brilliant clinical results, you will be accepted into our precise private practice.

When we book your program or sessions, we will be sure it is with the PRECISE best therapist and PRECISE service to get you the agreed upon results.

Pre-Acceptance Qualifying Questions:

  • Your goal for wanting to be seen at Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness? (We can help you define it)
  • The type of service / therapy modalities you think is best for you.
  • Prior history of falls, injuries or accidents.
  • Is this a Worker Compensation claim?
  • Are you pregnant or under-going treatment for any health concerns?
  • And other pertinent questions pertaining to your specific needs and wants.


Once accepted as a client, we require you to have an open dialogue with your therapist during the session as to how things are going for you.


(*If you wait until the end of the session to ask for something different, express your discontent,
the guarantee may not apply)

Call today to inquire about becoming a client (415)921-1290

We aren’t happy ~ If you aren’t happy!