Ergonomic Assessments & Education


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“Ergonomics —The Science of Fitting the Job to the Person”

(Not the Other Way Around!)

How Can an Ergonomic Assessment Help You?

The goal of ergonomic assessment and education is to assess needs and function of the job and then design (or redesign) workstations, tools and work tasks for safety, efficacy and comfort.

A successful ergonomic design will help reduce common ailments such as discomfort, pain, fatigue and injuries as well as increase morale and productivity! A better fit for your work environment will make you (and your staff) happier and more able to get a lot done!


Do You Have:

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  • Eye Strain?
  • Sore Neck or Back?
  • Arm or Hand Weakness?
  • Pain, Numbness & Tingling?
  • Injuries?
  • Fatigue?

Work with greater comfort and efficiency in your office, industry or home!

Where Are You?



Do you have the most modern and complex office environment or are you squeezed into the most challenging and modest work place cubicle?

Either way, we can help you set it up so it works for you and your body better.

Industrial or Other Type of Job:

Do you do physical work? Work outside? Work with a sewing machine, heavy objects, up on high ladders or in a school?

At Home:

Do you spend a significant amount of time in your kitchen, bending over and lifting children, caring for an elderly parent or bed-ridden person, putting on your make-up, doing house cleaning?

Special Note to New Parents:

Handling a squirming child, breast-feeding, getting a kid into and out of a crib, car-seat or stroller can be extremely hard on your back, neck and arms!  Especially when you are sleep deprived! (Two children of her own makes Irene Diamond an expert on Ergonomics for New Parents! Her new DVD – Ergo-Mommy should be released soon.)

Special Note to People Who Sleep:

Of course we all sleep, but some of us have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

Do you have a hard time finding a comfortable position? Do you wake up due to pain? Does your arm fall asleep before you do? Do you know you need a new mattress and/or pillow, but don’t know what to buy?

Regardless of what you do – (Work, Sleep, Kids, Life)
You need to know how to do it easier, with less strain on your body!


How An Ergonomic Assessment & Education Program Works:

A variety of ergonomic services are available and may be for a single person or for an entire department or company. Choose from a simple 15-minute assessment and modification, to a full evaluation and implementation.

Sessions are provided by Irene Diamond, R.T. the director of Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center at our location or yours.

  • Evaluation to assess your situation and needs.
  • Education to correct the errors that may be affecting your efficiency as well as harming your well-being.
  • Rearrangement to your workstation, (or other environment) will be suggested or actually completed on the spot.
  • If necessary, practical organizational tools or products will be suggested.
  • Instruction of proper body alignment, posture, lifting, bending, stretches and strengthening exercises (as needed) to ensure your safety, productivity, and comfort.

Sessions are best held at your location where the actual job or situation is occurring, but some aspects can also be taught by Diamond at Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center.


Diamond’s Goals for YOUR Ergonomic Program:

  • Determine your specific needs
  • Design the best ergonomic set-up for you, without spending more money
  • Make the changes needed or direct you to the proper resources

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Rates for services are based on the actual scope of the job.

Please call today to discuss your Ergonomic needs: