“Feel & Look Brilliant” Wellness Consultation

Click link to Request YOUR FREE "Finally Feel Great" Wellness Consultation with our director and chief Pain Reliever & Mover Improver, Irene Diamond, RT. to FINALLY find Pain Relief & Feel Brilliant?

  • Are you tired of therapies, treatments, lotions and potions that don’t work?
  • Are you frustrated with what you’ve already done, and don’t want to spend any more wasted money?
  • Are you ready for a solution that finally provides you with long-lasting effects?

Let our director (Pain Reliever & Mover Improver, Irene Diamond) take your hand and show you the best way to get you started on the best path, right away!

  1. You may request your “Finally Find Pain Relief” Wellness Consultation below, to be held with our center’s Director, Irene Diamond RT.
  2. If you qualify, you will receive this $250 consultation as our gift, complimentary!
  3. In the consult, Irene will ask you a series of detailed questions to better understand your current state of pain, stiffness or struggle, and she will help you clarify your goals and then help you decide and design a therapy plan to get you feeling as brilliant as possible and moving smooth!


During the consultation, you’re going to:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for ultimate success in your mobility, function and comfort
  • Uncover your hidden challenges that are keeping you from looking, feeling & performing your best and
  • Leave the session feeling re-invigorated and inspired to create and maintain a wellness program that support your goals AND fits your life-style & budget, once and for all!


This “Finally Find Pain Relief” Wellness Consultation session with Irene has a value of $250.00 but she provides this service as a gift to only 10 new (or returning) clients each month. (one consultation per person please)


To Qualify: You Must Be:

  • A SF Bay Area Resident
  • Over 25 years old
  • Tired of not feeling well, being out of shape, or relying on too much caffeine, pain meds, or other mood-enhancers
  • Interested in making changes to your lifestyle, once and for all!

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