Meet Us

Irene Diamond and her mother

Founder, Irene Diamond, and her Mother going on one of Irene's Fitness Cruises 

A Family Affair ~ From A Convo With Her Mom:

Stemming from a conversation as a young adult with her mother, our founder, Irene Diamond, RT, had the idea years ago to start a 'one-stop' center.

Irene's mom was a Child Psychologist in private practice who once suggested they open a family clinic where their whole family could practice and offer their therapeutic services.

Irene's father was a counselor, researcher and professor of Neuroanatomy at the University of Hawaii medical school.

Her three sisters also help people or work in healthcare:  a Social Worker, a Special Education Teacher and an Occupational Therapist, combined with Irene's background in pain management and rehabilitation, a family Wellness Center sounded perfect.

The Wellness Center concept was to house a variety of providers under one roof, so clients wouldn't need to run all over San Francisco, California to find the best. Unfortunately, everyone lived in various places around the world, so working in one location was not an option,

Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center was founded in 1995, long before people even knew the concept of  "Wellness"!

Old School:

Up until about 1995, healthcare was all about getting people out of illness or dis-ease. The focus was to help people once they fell ill.

There was little if any goal to support people to stay healthy and well in the first place, and then to focus past being 'not sick' and instead to thrive. Irene understood people wanted more opportunities to live their best, healthiest, most pain-free, functional, productive life!



Irene is the clinical director and coordinates all services provided by the individual, hand-selected practitioners who see clients and patients at our facility. Whenever you need guidance or insight on the best program, solution or referral, Irene can be available to speak with you in person.

Once you've been accepted as a client, prior to scheduling your session or program with a therapist, you will receive a personalized consultation to define and design your therapy plan.

The plan we design with you is co-created, based on your goals and needs, your time allotment and your budget.


Referral or Request:

We only accept new clients by referral from another client, health care provider or another person. If you simply found us online and like what you see, you may request to become a client via a simple phone 1- 415-921-1290 or email conversation.

We will only accept you into our practice if we are 100% confident we can provide you with brilliant clinical results, AND you've agreed that you're willing and ready to be an active participant in your wellness plan.

Based on the interview, we match you with a health-care provider who's professional experience and training will deliver the best experience in the most efficient manner for you!

Founder and Director, Chief Pain Reliever & Mover Improver!
Massage & Rehab Therapist, since 1998
Zhi Zhen Practitioner, since 1984