Weight Management, Fitness & Nutrition


Reach Your Weight-Loss & Fitness Goals:

  • Just Had A Baby?
  • Just Had Surgery?
  • Just Want to Get In Shape?
  • Lose Weight?
  • Be Healthier?

Look better in your clothes (or naked?)


Just Had It With Diets?

How Can THIS Weight Loss, Nutrition & Fitness Program Help You when None of the Other Diets Have?

Because Irene Diamond, our Center’s director, and exercise/ nutrition specialist, will lead you in your personalized, one – on – one “Get-Fit” Program. You will lose at least 5 pounds in your 1st Month! …Guaranteed! (And you will get in shape and feel better too!)


The “Get-Fit” Program is NOT A DIET!

Nooooo, it’s a comprehensive program that Irene developed that will lead you through new life-style changes that she will help you achieve.

Finally, the answer to all your questions and fitness problems!


Is a Personalized “Get-Fit” Program for You?

Do you want to:

• Get Stronger?
• Lose Weight?
• Strengthen Your Heart?
• Increase Energy?
• Lower Cholesterol Levels?
• Help a Bad Back or Knee?
• Move Easier?
• Feel Better?
• Have Less Pain?
• Increase Bone Density?
• Enjoy Life?

If you said “Yes” to one or more of these points, guess what?
We can help you do it!


Your “Get Fit Exercise Program” Consists of Four Parts:

1. The initial Fitness Evaluation:

To determine your starting fitness level, to develop your fitness program and as a point of comparison for future assessments.

All portions of this evaluation are strictly voluntary and consist of:

  1. Circumference Measurement
  2. Body-fat percentage measurement
  3. Height and Weight measurement
  4. Blood pressure reading
  5. Resting heart rate and exercise target heart rate range determination
  6. Testing for:
    i. Cardiovascular condition
    ii. Muscular strength & balance
    iii. Flexibility
  7. Postural Assessment
  8. Nutritional assessment
  9. Personal Health and Fitness History
  10. Define your Short term & Long Term Goals

2. The Exercise Program:

  • To increase your cardiovascular condition, develop strength, flexibility, cardiovascular condition and improve your posture; allowing you to function at your best with the least amount of pain.
  • To speed up metabolism and reduce body fat if you need to, to get and keep you at your healthy level of lean body mass.
  • To tone, define and sculpt your body to look the way you want it to look. your program will be individually designed based on the results of your personal evaluation, goals, time frame for exercise and the equipment and space available to you.

3. The Sessions:

Irene will personally instruct you through your sessions to learn your personally designed program.  We hold your sessions either in our facility, or in your home or gym. Frequency and number of sessions will be determined based on your fitness goals. Each session lasts 30-60 minutes.

4. Follow-up Fitness Assessment:

To determine the effectiveness of your exercise program and to chart improvements. Re-testing is usually done every 8 weeks and consists of all or part of the testing done in the initial fitness assessment.


Your initial “Get-Fit” fitness package includes:

  • Your complete Fitness & Nutrition evaluation
  • A written exercise program designed for you
  • 7 additional sessions over the first month.
    (If additional sessions are needed, they will be scheduled as needed.)Call Today to see if working with Irene in a “Get-Fit” Program is for you!