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Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainer & Other Wellness Providers:


Director, Irene DiamondCombine YOUR Skills  & Heart
with our Business Support to Create YOUR Dream Practice!


FINALLY,  wellness-business success expert Irene Diamond has created a warm, inviting, fully equipped location where you can see your private clients, and grow your practice.


Are You The Best?

Irene Diamond, RT and the staff at Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness only represent the very best, professional, practitioners through Diamond Professional Wellness Suites.

If you’re a great practitioner who knows what it takes to be brilliant and want (need) a little extra support in running your business, getting clients, and handling all the ‘back-office stuff’…

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Note: As you can imagine, we get many applicants who are considering this opportunity.

Because we can only take on a few clients at any one time, this opportunity is extremely limited, so we encourage you to reach out now if you’re serious.

We look forward to exploring the possibility of working together!