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Irene Diamond, Founder & Director, Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness and Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method® is a Clinical "Pain Reliever & Mover Improver"

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Wellness-business success expert, Irene Diamond, RT, has created a warm, inviting, fully-equipped location for a hand-selected group of providers where they can see their private clients and grow their practice, too.

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Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness only represents the very best, professional, highly-skilled practitioners.

  • Are you a skilled practitioner who knows what it takes to be a brilliant clinician?

  • Are you looking for a safe, clean location to practice?

  • Do you desire a location either as-needed by the day or hour, or on a regular monthly basis?


  • Do you want our support in marketing and promoting your services to attract as many affluent appreciative clients as you desire, and handle all the 'front and back-office' stuff?

We might be the answer to your prayers.

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Note: As you can imagine, we get many applicants.

We can only support a few clients at a time.
 This opportunity is extremely limited, so reach out if you're looking for an elegant solution to receive extraordinary practice support and a new practice location.

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