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diamond pain relief wellness san franciscoPre & Post Pregnancy Programs – You’re In For a Treat! 
You know you need to be strong and healthy to feel great (and be great) for your new baby.

We specialize in working with women through all stages of pregnancy and after delivery.

We are here to help make your life a little easier! We offer you Pregnancy Massage, Pre Natal Fitness Programs, Baby Massage & Ergonomic Programs for New Moms & Dads so you will be strong and healthy through your pregnancy and after.

Irene Diamond director Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center San FranciscoFeatured In Media

My name is Irene Diamond and I'm the founder and clinical director of Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness.

Now that I have had my own two pregnancies (children born 2000 & 2003) I have a deeper understanding of the needs of a pregnant and post pregnant woman! (There are so many changes our bodies go through such as not sleeping comfortably, body aches, hormonal swings, weight gain, stress, and of course joy!)

Below is a brief description of Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center's Pregnancy services -- all designed to help you feel and look great during your pregnancy and after your delivery.

Of course we're be happy to discuss any of these services with you in more detail, to let you know how they may be of benefit for you.

To assure a safe, healthy pregnancy, if necessary we may want to discuss your therapy with your doctor.


Relaxation via Massage & Myofascial Therapy:

As a woman's body changes, so does her need for a different type of relaxation and tension-relief, calling for a different approach to massage.

You and your therapist will strategize on your goals and how best to achieve them.

Whether the intent is to relieve tight knots, reduce your swollen or aching legs and foott cramps, or reduce your sore back --- we can assist you through pregnancy massage. (Also called prenatal massage).

Is your focus to increase relaxation so you can get a good night's sleep?

When you're under stress your body produces stress hormones which travel directly through your blood to your baby. We will aid in reducing your stress level, thereby reducing the amount of these hormones in your blood stream. Massage stimulates oxygenated blood circlulation, which in turn benefits you and your baby . Relaxation also comes from focusing on an awareness to your breathing.

For your comfort we have a special support pregnancy cushion which allows you to lie face-down through the first few months of your pregnancy, or you can be on your side supported with this wonderful cushion.


Some women have asked to buy or rent these pregnancy cushions from us because they are sooo comfortable and allow them to finally get some rest!

(We don’t endorse the tables with holes in them due to the fact they can’t be sized to your belly and therefore can do harm by stretching the ligaments supporting your uterus.)

bodysupport Pregnancy Sidelying Position-diamond pain relief & Wellness

Pain Relief:

Are you expriencing new or an exacerbation of an on-going pain from pregnancy, delivery, sleep-deprivation, or lifting and nursing?

Click here for Pain Relief details and how we can help you get to the bottom of the cause of your pain. Let us support you as your body is transitioning through these next few months.

Ergonomics For New Parents:

Let's be sure your activities and positioning with your baby doesn't strain or flare-up old pains!

All the new things that go along with a new baby can wreck havoc with your body.

Car seats? Strollers? Up and down stairs?
Even lifting a 5 pound infant can cause strain and repetitive stress on arms, neck, and shoulders.

And add in constantly bending over to pick up, sit for hours pumping or nursing? Fuhgettaboutit!

Click here for How We Support New Parents Through Ergonomic Consulting  

Exercise Therapy:
When you're in good shape and strong you'll be well-prepared for lifting and carrying baby once you’ve given birth!

Would you like us to design an exercise or fitness program to carry you through your pregnancy?

Do you need help to set up a routine to strengthen your back, legs and arms to provide for an easier labor and delivery?

We can help you with a fitness program for after delivery (post-partum)  to get you back in shape, flatten your belly, keep you strong and fit and feeling your best for the challenging journey of being a Mom!

Important Note:
The more time you spend exercising with your baby the better it is for both of you. Your time together is important to bond with each other and also to instill a love and appreciation of exercise and movement into daily life. When your child is older, it will be natural for them to be more active because that is what they know!

Baby Gift Registry:

Of course, this is the fun part! If you are looking for a unique place to register for this happy occasion, think of Diamond Wellness!

Registry is very simple.

 Once you've registered with us, your guests simply call us with the gift amount they want to apply to your account.  This then becomes a credit on your account towards any service.  You can redeem any time or authorize someone else to take advantage of the credit, too! 

(Your account credit with us never expires and can be shared with your partner, parent, or nanny!)

We thank you for trusting us with the health and wellness of your entire family! 

Irene Diamond, RT., Director

P.S. Once your baby is born, schedule a "Ergo-Mommix" sessions for new parent(s).

Learn how to lift, carry, nurse, etc., without killing your neck and back! Call me, I can help you...

Learn how you can give your new child a nurturing massage...