Founded in 1995, Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center was the VERY FIRST Wellness Center in San Francisco!

Irene's Mom's Vision Came To Life!

When our director, Irene Diamond, R.T., was in her 20's her mother, Grace, a clinical psychologist, made a comment that stuck with Irene for years!

"We should open the Diamond Center and we all can work at it!"

A family-run wellness center made sense!
Everyone in their family was in a 'helping' field.

Irene's Father, Milton Diamond, was a Neuro-biologist researcher, Educator and Scientist

Her Mother was a Clinical Psychologist specializing in Child psychology

An Older Sister: was a clinical Social Worker

And her two Younger Sisters: Special Ed teacher & Occupational Therapist

And of course, Irene is a Pain Relief and Movement Specialist

It was a great idea, but sadly, everyone was living in various cities around the globe, so the idea never came to fruition... but a little flame was lit in Irene's mind.

Before the concept of a "Wellness Center" was known:

Irene knew there was a need to combine an integrated approach to taking care of a person's over-all well-being.

She wanted to develop a multi-practitioner center, with a warm, welcoming environment where a variety of wellness service and health providers could serve their clients and patients, all under one roof.

(Her idea was to be able to cross-refer to each other in-house, rather than sending clients and patients all over San Francisco.)

Diamond Wellness Center Treatment RoomIrene was a ground-breaker of this one-stop-shop coordinated approach in San Francisco.  Calling her multi-practitioner practice a “Wellness Center” before people even knew what “wellness” was!


DWC is a family-owned business directed by Irene and run by a teeny team of dedicated, friendly, good-hearted people.

Each healthcare provider providing their service through Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness is either a sole proprietor or corporation and carries insurance, licenses, and business permits.


Diamond’s goal is to provide discerning clients with the best support, education, neuromuscular, hands-on, and movement-based therapy that gets fast, effective, efficient results — that last!


For People In Pain & Stress:

Our Goal:
For invited clients to experience immediate relief within their first visit. Of course, the pain may not completely be gone after a single session, so we develop a precise therapy plan that will include sessions with us as well as the client being responsible for doing their ‘homework’ of self-care throughout the day.

(Most people see a marked resolution of their issue in their 1st visit; if it is stubborn or for more complex conditions and situations, it may require a handful of Active Modulation Therapy sessions or a full program to experience complete comprehensive results.)

You may think we’re crazy, but we are so serious about getting clients pain-free, that if they’re not willing to sign a written agreement they will do their home-care portion, adhere to their therapy plan, and ‘play full out’…
we will refuse to accept them as a client.


For Maintenance & Wellness Enhancement:

Once a client reaches their goal, a maintenance plan is designed for them. We consider lifestyle, schedule, and budget as we develop this plan of care.

To achieve the highest levels of wellness, sports enhancement, and job performance, some clients are invited to join  The Diamond Club for regular therapeutic care.



We are a research and evidence-informed center.

This means our clinical decisions and the services we offer are based on approaches, modalities and practices that have been well-researched and found to be effective.
(To the best of science’s ability to prove, today!)

Our signature modality for treating soft-tissue-induced pain, restriction, and dysfunction is the rehabilitation modality of Active Modulation Therapy – The Diamond Method®.

AMT was created by our director, Irene Diamond,RT.,  based on her own spinal cord injury that left her completely paralyzed at the age of 15. (AMT & Irene are recognized in ADVANCE Magazine for Physical Therapy, and the Massage World Hall of Fame. Irene also teaches The Diamond Method to other Health Care Providers so they can provide AMT in their practice.)


Precision-Care:  Initial Consultation Over The Phone Before Booking:

We operate as a Precise Private Practice®. We accept new clients by request or referral, only.

In your initial phone or in-person conversation, we conduct a complimentary brief consultation. You will speak with one of our team or the director.

Through this complimentary phone consultation, we will uncover Precisely what you want and need so we can be sure to schedule you with the Precise practitioner for your Precise clinical goals! Our staff is trained to assist you in determining what service will be exactly right for you!

We prefer to work with clients on an on-going basis through programs and therapy plans, but may also offer single-session solutions.


You’re Our TOP Priority!

  • If you have any questions as to what type of therapy, service, or practitioner would be best for you, please ask.
  • We integrate easily into other Western and Eastern methods and modalities of pain management, soft-tissue injury and dysfunction relief, nutrition, mindfulness, stress relief, weight management, and overall fitness and wellness maintenance and enhancement.
  • If we can’t provide the proper services for your clinical goals, we have a vast network of other Health Care Providers we can refer you to.

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee — or You Don’t Pay!

We are the ONLY center where your therapist offers you a
 100% satisfaction guarantee or you don’t pay for your service.

(We ONLY associate with therapists who are THAT sure of their service, skills and ability to help you get results!)


“Finally, Find Pain Relief” Wellness Consultation:

You may request a “Finally Find Pain Relief” Wellness Consultation (by filling in this form.

Our director, Irene Diamond, will personally speak with you to help you define the best therapy approach for your goals, your budget, and your time schedule.
($250-$500 Wellness Consultation fee is waived for first-time clients)


Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Reception Area

Facility /Location:

  • We are in a charming blue and white Victorian house converted for our use.
  • You are greeted in a large reception area with a fireplace and other warm touches.
  • Complimentary hot tea, snacks, and fresh fruit at each visit
  • During the holidays, we provide special events, treats & sweets
  • Fresh orchids are placed in every room for elegant grace and ease for all your senses
  • Natural sunlight fills the entire Wellness Center; each room has windows for fresh air and chirping birds!

Please remember – we are not a spa!

  • The rooms are not sound-proof, and sometimes you do hear noise from outside.
  • You won’t get the fuzzy robes, slippers, and lemon water… 😉 
  • BUT, you will receive the highest quality of services at the best value, with a big, happy smile!

We are in the beautiful Marina District close to Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Japan Town, Pacific Heights and North Beach. If you are coming from Marin, we are just over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Easy access by public transportation or foot.


  • Free street parking right out front with no meters! (shhhh, don’t tell anyone)
  • The parking turnover is fairly frequent, so you can usually find an available spot on our block.
  • If, for some reason, you are having trouble, there is an affordable public parking lot above the main post office near Filmore St.
    (Enter on Moulton St).

Please keep in mind if there is an event in the Marina, parking may be more of a challenge, so please allow additional time so you don’t cut into your session time.

Hours: Open most holidays!

Monday – Wednesday – Friday 10:30 – 8:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:30 – 6:00 pm
(Closed Tuesdays & Thursdays temporarily)

In San Francisco:

We are located in the Marina District of San Francisco at
1841 Lombard Street (Between Laguna & Buchanan Streets)
San Francisco, California 94123