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Our #1 Best Sellers!

“Hot Stuff” Creme:

Topical Hot Stuff cream available on Diamondwellness.comUSE Hot-Stuff cream when you need HEAT:

Use Hot-stuff instead of a heat-pack.

Rub it on and it heats up to bring a sensation of warmth to your muscles, connective tissue and ligaments to relieve your aches and pains.

HotStuff feels hot and tingly to most people because it has chili pepper and cinnamon.


We are the only on-line company where you can buy Hotstuff analgesic cream in this country.

Hot stuff comes from New Zealand and is hugely popular there with professional athletes, as well as ‘plain folk’ who want warm, soothing, pain relief.

Due to the supply-chain disruption, there is a shortage, so we may not be able to fill your order. We will contact you once we receive your order to confirm or you may contact us here before ordering.

Hot stuff may be used BEFORE exercise as a ‘pre’ warm-up.

Or AFTER exertion to help in your recovery.
Some studies suggest applying the topical warmth may aid to reduce injury.


HotStuff also be used as a pre-exercise rub to warm up your muscles prior to exercising or for arthritis and achy hips, knees, feet or hand joints.


(Non greasy, light smell which will disappear.)

Heat comes from cinnamon and capsaicin (which comes from chilli peppers!)


Only $21.00 / 3.1 oz jar


Note: Contents in jar settles and is sold by weight not volume.
No one else in the United States carries this product –
We are honored to be the ONLY place to get Hot Stuff!


“Anti flamme” Creme:

Antiflamme cream sold on DiamondWellness.comUSE Anti Flamme Creme when you need cold sensation but don’t have access to ICE:


Anti Flamme comes from New Zealand and athletes, physical therapists and achy people swear by it!

Anti-Flamme is it! 

– If you like a cooling effect this will reduce swelling, bruising and inflammation in arms, knees, necks, etc. 

If you can’t get to a real ice pack:
Rub a little Anti-Flamme on like an external “ice-pack” cream that feels terrific and some studies show it may reduce pain and swelling.


This works well while you are on the road, at work, in the car or anywhere else you that you don’t have direct access to ice.

Non greasy, light smell which will disappear.

Arnica, Callendula, Hypericum herbs for all the terrific therapeutic benefits.

(Bulk orders also available by telephone)

16 oz Large Jar/ $58.00

Note: Contents in jar settles and is sold by weight not volume.

No one else in the United States carries AntiFlamme analgesic cream.
We are honored to be the ONLY place to get Anti-Flamme!



DVD image of cover

INSIDER TIPS  – Secrets For Giving A Great Massage (DVD)

This DVD features Irene Diamond, RT. founder of Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center and creator of Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method™.

Filmed on location in a sporting-goods store for a class Irene taught to the public – you’ll see over 45 minutes of raw (slightly-edited) instruction on how to give the best seated neck massage!

Anyone can learn this simple massage technique that Irene will show you… Even YOU!

Incorporating the method of Active Myofascial Therapy – The Diamond Method™, you will be amazed at how simple it can be to really help someone feel better!

Your friends, family and loved ones will LOVE YOU for watching this DVD!
Get rid of their pain, help them relax and improve their range of movement!


  • How to let your hands read their body
  • The best way to massage necks and shoulders
  • How to not get tired while giving a massage
  • How to let the receiver do most of the work
  • 4 things to never do when giving a massage
  • How to know if the pressure is too hard or to soft … Plus so much more!

DVD Available now for only $39.00



The Original Acu-Masseur!

The Acu-masseur is one of the most unique massage tools and is extremely effective for home use to get rid of muscle tension and tightness! The two red balls act like hands squeezing the tissue while you gently pull the red rope and hold the black handle. The opposing force causes a gentle squeeze of tight muscles and fascia.

(A chiropractor in Florida claims she can get rid of her migraines every time she uses it.)

Clients rave about the relief they get on their shoulders, backs and neck that they can deeply massage by themselves.  Use it to get into any tight area. Slowly tighten the grip of the red balls of the acu-masseur as they hug and squeeze your tight, knotty muscles.

Click here to download a pdf file for more information about this wonderful tool!


Only $44.95



theracane triggerpoint tool available on

Theracane Self-Massage Tool…

This is the best relief for when you can’t get an appointment to see us to get rid of your knots, and trigger points. This tool applies direct pressure into any tight knot or ‘spot’ on your body and will quickly replace the corner of the wall or golf ball you now lie on to get into a trigger point!

Use this at home to relieve your pain. (I wish I invented it!) You can access hard to reach spots  – even behind your back!

Just use the tool to reach those nagging aches and you will be verrry happpppy!

New Price! Only $32.00 comes with detailed manual.




Sleeping Support Is Key!

We have found the Tri-Core Cervical Pillow’s to be the best on the market.

Their unique trapezoid center gently cradles your head and supports the neck in its natural position to help alleviate the pain that accompanies numerous maladies.

While on your back, your head is cradled in the center hole. While on your side, your head is supported by the side panels taking the pressure off your shoulders.

Most people who experience jaw, neck or shoulder pain are sleeping with a pillow that is not right for them!


This Tri-Core pillow is recommended for those 5’6” in height or above


Tri-Core Pillow Standard
only $68



Tri-Core Pillow Gentle
only $68


This Mid-Core pillow is recommended for those below 5’6” in height.


Mid-Core Pillow Standard
only $68



Mid-Core Pillow Gentle
only $68




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