Why We Don’t “DO” A Black Friday Sale


YES! We do have Gift Certificates Available...

But THAT'S Not the point of this blog...

Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center in San Francisco offers Gift Certificates

Paper or Digital Gift Certificates are available for purchase HERE. (Virtual or Physical Appointments)

Twas the weekend after Thanksgiving...
& director, Irene Diamond is here, stuffed with stuffing...

We're thankful for you! And... sorry to be what some may consider, the barer of bad news...
💎 Did you know that here at DIAMOND we don't 'do' Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sales?
(I'll share with you the reason why, below in a minute...)
💎 BUT, We DO gift you a FREE wellness product when you have a session or buy gift certificates for family and friends between Thanksgiving and December 31st.
Spend over 100 and you'll receive a gift valued $10 or more:

Items like:

•BioFreeze pain relief spray or gel
•Flex Bars to strengthen muscles and roll out achy feet
•Finger Strengthener to counter-act over used 'text thumbs'
•Fun fitness & wellness items
Around this time of year clients ask if we're doing any sales...

Read on for my explanation of  why we Don't OFFER Reduced-Price Sales!

The short answer is:
We don't discount our services.

We used to offer Black Friday and other seasonal sales,
which I thought was really fun, but....
that was when we were an Open to the Public™ general practice.
In 2016 we transitioned over to what I coined is a "Precise Private Practice®". (PPP)
A PPP means we ONLY work with clients and patients we choose to work with, who we ABSOLUTELY KNOW we can get PRECISE clinical results with, so they  reach their PRECISE goals.
Our focus is to provide effective, efficient concrete results of RELIEF or ACHIEVING a goal.
Whether that's getting you out of pain, helping you bounce back after surgery, or ending your chronic neck stiffness or migraines so you can move and sleep easier with less discomfort.

Our clients prefer to be incentivized by achieving their goals, rather than finding the 'cheapest deal' on therapeutic services but having their problems or concerns remain.

Because our goal for you is achieving your goals and recieving impressive RESULTS, seasonal sales really aren't appropriate for us.

I'll tell you why.

3 of the most important reasons I'm against
participating in Seasonal Sales.

#1 Fairness, Buyer's Remorse & Overpriced Fees:

Imagine if you became 1 of our Diamond Club Gold Members a week ago and now you find out that we offer some crazy discount on the membership fee...
How would that make you feel?

Disappointed? Betrayed? Maybe even a bit angry?
(I've felt that too when I've bought programs at full price and then see them on sale later.)

stress and anger lady diamond pain relief & wellness san francisco

 Those are not feelings we want clients to experience with our services.

We strive to treat you fairly so you can trust we're always providing TOP VALUE.
Absolutely do not want you to feel any buyer's remorse.
Treating our clients fairly also means our service fees are accurately priced.
We don't mark them up just to be able to discount them.
And, as one of our therapists at Diamond improves thier skills and ability to deliver efficient, effective results,  the value of what they offer you expands. Therefore, every once in a while, they may increase their fees to match the value.

You can be sure of one thing -- All Year Long:
100% satisfaction guarantee


The rate you pay now will always be equal to the value you get, or you won't be asked to pay!

(Our 100% satisfaction guarantee assures you that we always want to over-deliver! )

You'll never regret your decision, and instead will eagerly want to 'share' us with your friends and family on social media and in person!

balance on BOSU Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center san francisco

#2 Rapid Implementation:

Like the Bed, Bath & Beyond popular store, offering price discounts also encourages a 'wait for a sale' behavior.  

I am not at all in favor of encouraging procrastination, ESPECIALLY when it relates to taking care of our Health and Wellness.

If you wait days or weeks for a sale or coupon for 20% off, you're putting off getting the therapy or enrolling into a program or product that can provide a lot of help to you with your health & wellness.

We believe the thinking of, "why pay full price now when I can just wait for a sale?"

 Or, "why jump on this sale when the next one might be even cheaper?" only postpones improved quality of life!

 (PLUS, all businesses need consistent revenue to stay in business.

Now we're seeing hundreds of local businesses being forced to close their shops because they were trying to be the "low-cost" leader.)

We strive to stay in business for many years to come, and it takes revenue to stay open.

We also will NEVER compete on trying to 'get' your business by being the CHEAPEST therapy center as Pain Relievers & Mover Improvers!
(Cheap or low-cost service providers are a dime a dozen!)
Waiting for seasonal sales to make a buying decision on health-csre prevents a person from taking action, which is the exact opposite of what's best for their wellness.
If someone has a serious concern, complaint, problem or pain, or wants to achieve a new level of fitness, mobility or performance,...

the perfect time to purchase a program or services with us, is now.
Do you agree?
How much longer do you want to wait and suffer?

We may provide a reduced fee or special offer if we're introducing a new service or when we launch a
new program.

This is due to the fact we'll be working out the kinks and want to get some great traction under our belt, first.
At the very beginning of a new service or therapeutic approach you can get in on it for a lower price.

shoulder pain diagram Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center san francisco

And in exchange for the reduced fee, we ask for your valuable feedback and optimally, your glowing testimonials, online reviews and referrals sharing the experience you've received as a client of our new service.
(This is not unfair to anyone, since no one paid a higher price for the same thing, previously.)

A new program price also makes sense in terms of the value you get.
As we get better over time, and as we fine-tune and improve our service delivery, you're getting a valuable program or service at a lower price than future clients will pay.




Our goal instead of discounting, is to give YOU products as you purchase services and gift certificates.

We also often DONATE  10 - 20% or more of proceeds of all sales to organizations and charities we support.

Our most common charity is the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (A top-rated Charity.)
As you may know,

  • Suicide is common during the Holidays
  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the USA
  • Many people come to our beautiful San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge to end their life.
  • In 1998, I lost my Mom to suicide while she was clinically depressed from bipolar depression...

Through our financial donations to the to the
American Foundation of Suicide Prevention
we can help people find peace and support so they do not resort to ending their lives.

(The provides resources, education and support for
those who are contemplating suicide, and for the survivors and
families of those impacted by a loved-one's suicide.)

Reach out to us to find out what we'll be doing for this year's
Black Friday - Cyber Monday or Holiday Specials.

To participate, simply mention this blog post when you're reserving your session or buying gift certificates for your special loved-ones.

(Gift Certificates Start at just $25 each)

Together, we hopefully can reduce the number of suicides
and the deep state of loss of hope so many people experience,
especially during the holidays.




Happy Holidays if you celebrate!

There is so much to be thankful for, all year long!

Together, we are even MORE brilliant!
~ Irene

PS: If you know any other people who should know of our Our Charitable 
BLACK FRIDAY, SMALL BIZ SATURDAY & CYBER MONDAY Non-Sale, please share this blog post on social media or in email. 

AND, please leave us a comment below -- are you a FAN of a Non-Sale or prefer the discount bargains?

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Malique Amenhotep says November 23, 2022

Hello, Irene!
I really enjoy reading the articles that you wrote.
I understand what comes from a conscious, healthy, and loving wellness that is deeply rooted in spirituality. This is also dignified by the staff that you have at your present location each and every one has the same credentials of qualities that represent the wellness center and its professional practices. However, I am not surprised at your heightened awareness around schemes during the holidays.

I applaud your honesty and your spirituality. That’s also why I am a member of your established profession.

    Irene says November 23, 2022

    Wonderful feedback, Malique!

    We’re thrilled to have you as part of our Precise Private Practice®!
    ~ Irene Diamond

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