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You've been selected to receive
a FREE Therapeutic Massage as our gift!

Pain? Stiffness? Injury? Sports Recovery? Rehab?
Accident? Stress? Nervous-System Over-load?

Request Your WeGiveBack
FREE Massage Session Below!

Over $2500 worth of services are donated every month through 
Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness' community philanthropic "WeGiveBack" Program.
Available by invitation only: 

We accept requests and nominations from people who live or work in San Francisco

This "WeGiveBack" FREE Massage Program was established in 2003

Priority is given to people who
have chronic headache, 
migraine, pain, sports or work injuries, or stiffness to RELIEVE ...

or who have a physical goal or accomplishment
they want to ACHIEVE.

(This is our specialty!)

As a Precise Private Practice® we we're not open to the public and only
accept new clients via referral.

Irene Diamond director Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center San FranciscoFeatured In Media

Irene Diamond, Rehabilitation Specialist, CEO, Founder, and Director of Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center

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We follow all HIPAA and email protocols

Physical Location: 1841 Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

Virtual Visits: Available worldwide for pain relief, function, and mobility enhancement 

• Mondays - Fridays:
10:30 am - 8:00 pm
• Sat & Sun: 

10:30 am - 6:00 pm