Don’t Sleep In The Dog House This Valentine’s Day!

This guide is YOUR answer to the problem: 

"Help, I forgot Valentine's Day! -- What do I do for my lover?"

Simple. We gotcha!

Order  Irene Diamond's 
"How to Massage Your Valentine"
instruction guide ~ it is the perfect gift to give so you don't end up sleeping in the 'dog house'!

Valentine Massage Instruction Guide Image

This guide is for you if you are NOT a massage therapist,

but want to blow your partner away by learning how you can give them a

terrific massage as your Valentine's gift.

These instructions are:

  • NOT technical - anyone can apply the massage
  • VERY easy to follow - simple steps show you the way
  • You won't get tired giving the massage
  • NOT complicated - you don't need to be strong, coordinated, or skilled, just willing to have fun, and laugh all along the way!

Your Partner WILL Love You For it!

Also great for massaging:

  • kids after sports or to help them fall asleep 
  • your Mom with a sore neck 
  • or have them learn how to massage you!

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This 4-page guide includes clear pictures & simple instructions so you ​know EXACTLY where to place your hands & how too apply each stroke.

Written by Irene Diamond, founder of Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness, and creator of educational resources for practitioners and 'regular' folks, you'll love the simplicity, and effectiveness of this guide that will be emailed to you as soon as you order.

Learn this & You will be a rock-star in your partner's eyes!

Gift Idea:

  • 1
    Order Now and Instantly Download this Valentine Instruction Guide onto your computer.
  • 2
    Print guide out on nice paper, roll it into a scroll, tie a pretty ribbon on it, and hand it to your lover as their gift.
  • 4
    Let your partner know the 2 of you will practice and learn together how to give a relaxing ​massage!

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Regular Price: $69
Special THIS WEEK ONLY $29