Wellness Consultation Request Received


We Received Your Request to Consult With Our Director, Irene Diamond, RT
to Finally Feel & Look More Brilliant!

We will contact you through email soon to let you know if you qualify for one of Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center's consultations with our director and COO, Irene Diamond, R.T.

Once the appointment date/time is confirmed, you'll meet either over a Video Visit, or in person at the center on Lombard Street in San Francisco. 

Irene's been helping clients feel and look great since 1985.

Together, you'll chat to see if or how you can resolve your concerns and reach your goals.

  • Thank you for understanding this consultation has a value of $250. The fee is waived for 10 people each month.

  • You'll be notified if a charge is incurred this month for your consult and can choose to pay or schedule next month.

  • Once confirmed, there is a 48-hour notice required to avoid a full-fee charge, even on a complimentary session since the time is held for you.
Irene Diamond headshot Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness San Francisco California

We'll respond within 24 hours to confirm your session by email or phone. Re-submit the form at the bottom of this page if you need to submit it again.

Look forward to helping you be even more brilliant!

Team Diamond