WeGiveBack VIP Guest List: Physical Medicine Care Providers & Staff


Each month we sponsor a special group of people to provide 30-minute massage therapy sessions, for FREE!
​(​The gift massage is worth up to $85 and every month we donate over $2100 worth of services!)

 Only 25 Massage Sessions Gifted Each Month!

Each month we arrange with ​10 companies, groups and businesses to participate in the monthly program. ​

​Our WeGiveBack Free Massage Program to the city of San Francisco, California started in 2003.

(This VIP Guest List ​was started in 2019.)

If your group is on our guest list call right away at 415-921-1290 to reserve your session before all the free massage sessions are taken.

(If you're not on the list and would like an invitation to participate this year or next,
please contact us here ​and we will discuss the requirements to verify qualification.)

UCSF Urgent Care


Our listing of the organizations above is our goodwill gesture in sharing the love!
(Of course a link from your site back to ours is not expected, but much appreciated!)

Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness is not professionally affiliated with any organization, company or person in the above listed groups other than being the provider of therapy services through our community outreach WeGiveBack program

* Your participation in this program indicates your acceptance for us to use your comments, your name and your image in our marketing