Now you won’t be Sleeping In The Dog House this Valentine’s Day!
Please check your mail for the Valentines Instruction Guide Download link.

You’ll love the simplicity, but effectiveness of this 3-page guide to make you a rock-star in your partner’s eye!

Gift Idea:

  • 1
    Download this Valentine Instruction Guide onto your computer from  the mail you have just received.
  • 2
    Print guide out on nice paper, roll it into a scroll, tie a pretty ribbon on it, and hand it to your lover as their gift.
  • 3
    Let your partner know the 2 of you will practice and learn together how to give a relaxing (non-sexual) massage, which is the second-part of the gift.

Enjoy this gift and jump over to our FaceBook page to let us know your partner’s reaction, ok?
We can’t wait to hear how it goes!