Massage for Weight Loss


Massage For Weight Loss!?!?

Have you heard that massage helps you lose weight?  Some spas and salons offer “weight-loss massage” and cellulite reduction massage. Don’t be fooled! If it were THAT easy and felt THAT good to lose weight, our country (and the rest of the industrialized world) would not have a weight problem!

Massage has not been proven to help anyone lose weight, but it can help you reshape your body by moving fluid around. Massage can even act as a diuretic, so you’ll lose weight, but remember the only weight which is actually lost is water weight and the results are not permanent. You can use a massage to help you squeeze into a tight dress for the night, but don’t expect it to last for long!

On the other hand, some types of massage are said to help improve digestion and the regular functioning of organs such as the liver and these actually are true.  Modalities such as lymphatic drainage, visceral massage and shiatsu are used to help clear the system of metabolic waste, and encourage circulation which in turn improves digestion and helps flush out metabolic waste which can help you in a successful weight loss program.

So, Massage For Weight Loss is really not the answer. If you expect to just lie on the table and have the fat melt off your thighs, don’t waste your money and your time. As you know, anything worth having takes a little effort.

The only way to permanently lose fat and get healthier is to watch what you eat and increase your calorie burning.  (Notice, I didn’t say ‘diet’ – in my experience working with people who have been dieting forever, depending on your specific case, you may actually need to eat more!) Diamond Massage & Wellness Center can help you with a Fitness & Exercise Program or a Weight Loss & Nutrition Program by designing an easy, effective plan for you to do based on what your goals are.

Perhaps the best way massage can enhance your weight loss is by increasing your sense of well-being, shifting your attitude towards a more health-oriented approach to life, and by creating more of an awareness of your body and how it is getting stronger and more fit since you’ve changed your life-style. Massage is also a great way to keep you on your new exercise program because your tired or sore muscles get regular relief from the benefits of massage!

It also makes a terrific reward for reaching your exercise and nutrition goals! Schedule an hour of wonderful rewarding massage every month you stay on your plan, for every 5 pounds you lose, or for every 10-15 miles you walk!

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Mats Wolff says January 25, 2022

Its helpful when you said that the only way to permanently lose fat and get healthier is to watch what you eat and increase your calorie burning. My sister has been trying to lose weight for years and she is still struggling. Thanks for all the weight loss tips and I will forward your article to my sister so that she can use these tips.

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