Jump Start Your Health in the New Year


With the cold weather think soups,


Today, on these final days of the year, give yourself a clean slate and begin to improve your health, drop lbs, and feel stronger and more alive!

Start by simply cleaning out what you KNOW you shouldn’t eat.

Look through your pantry, fridge, freezer, and cupboards for foods or packages that have sat there way past their expiration dates or have so many preservatives their shelf-life is eons from now.

Purge your kitchen, work drawer, and car (if you stash munchy-things in there).

Get rid of foods that are high in fats (especially saturated and partially hydrogenated fats), dyes and colorings and artificial flavorings, sugary drinks, and additives like nitrates and nitrites.

Chances are high that you’ll find unhealthy packaged foods that are not in line with your new year, new you healthy eating goals.

Give yourself a huge jump-start advantage and start the next year with a wholesome kitchen that’s free from temptations and pitfalls.

(And do yourself a favor, when you’re shopping from this point on, don’t even tempt yourself by bringing the ‘contraband’ (stuff you don’t want to eat) into your home.)

Plan In Advance:
Stock up on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthful choices. Make foods in advance and freeze them for later.

With the cold weather think soups, stews, and warm salads full of filling, satisfying nutrition.

Enjoy and Happy New Year from all of us at Diamond Wellness!

To inspire the rest of us, would you post in the comments below the #1 way YOU will get a jump start on the new year?

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