9 Quick & Easy “Keep The Pounds Off” Holiday Survival Tips


Happy Holidays from Our “Family’ to Yours!

You’ll find these 9 Quick & Easy “Keep The Pounds Off” Holiday Survival Tips helpful when you’re faced with the on-going challenges of holiday yummies.

As you may know, The typical American adult gains an average of 6 pounds between October 31st, Halloween and New Years Day.
Don’t let that happen to you!

These 9 tips work for you… please email me your results after trying them over the Holidays – I would love to hear how they worked for you!

Irene Diamond’s 9 Quick & Easy “Keep The Pounds Off”
Holiday Survival Tips …

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Tip #1.

Less Food The Day Before – If you know you will be in a situation such as an ‘Open House’, where you’ll eat a lot of food throughout the day or at a party where you’ll eat a large meal, Tip #1 is to simply eat less than your normal intake the day before. This way you will balance things out over two days. BUT: Don’t starve yourself because your body will actually slow down your metabolism, trying to hang on to the calories.

RULE: Eat about half your normal intake and spread it out throughout the day before so you are not hungry.

Tip #2.

Drink Water …but for a different reason – Drink extra water so you feel full. When your stomach feels full, it sends signals to your brain to not eat as much.

RULE: Fill up on plain hot or cold water so you won’t be tempted to eat as much food.

Tip #3.

Make Smart Choices at Buffets – Look over the whole table of food to see your choices before you start to fill your plate. By knowing what is available, you will be able to have a taste of all the things you like without having too much of anything.

RULE: At buffets, only choose only the things you really want to eat, a party is not the time to feel you have to eat your vegetables (unless you want to).

Tip #4.

Limit Alcohol and ‘fru fru’ drinks – Drinks such as Irish Cream, Kahlua, etc., all taste great, but they are filled with so much fat and sugar that the negative drawbacks far outweigh the benefits of sweet tastes. Alcohol is a “simple carbohydrate,” and there is very limited nutritional value in it. It also behaves differently in your body from other carbohydrates in that it has a denser amount of calories, and your body metabolizes it more like fat.
The second drawback from having more than a drink or two of alcohol, is it lowers your resistance to the other temptations, therefore you are more apt to over-eat.

RULE: Limit alcoholic drinks and choose non-sweet drinks.

Tip #5.

Be Careful in The Kitchen – As you are cooking or walking through the dining room, don’t munch on things mindlessly. Be aware this holiday of every thing that goes in your mouth! Many people pop a few crackers or olives or cookies or who-knows-what in their mouth without even knowing they are doing it, and it all adds up to extra pounds on your behind!

RULE: Be mindful of your choices and aware of the “Mindless munchies”.

Tip #6.

One Dessert Per Day. Or you can have a small serving of more than one type of dessert, but just be sure it still only equals ONE dessert!

RULE: set a holiday rule to enjoy only one dessert a day.

Tip #7.

Be Mindful When You Eat Your Meals. This means sitting down and paying attention to what you are doing. Be aware of how the food feels and tastes in your mouth. The more mind-full you are while you are eating, the more you will enjoy your food, and studies show you will tend to eat less because you will stop sooner when you pay attention to the signs you feel when you are full!

RULE: Really be mind-full when you are eating.

Tip #8.

Share Your Leftovers – If you will not eat the leftovers or you don’t want the temptation in your home, there are many homeless shelters and other organizations that would be happy to take them. By bringing your extra food to them, it won’t be wasted, and you won’t feel ‘obligated’ to eat it.

If you live in a city, you can probably also find people on the street who would be happy to enjoy it.
RULE: Don’t let extra food go to your waist or go to waste. Donate it or make less of it to begin with.

Tip #9.

Go For A Walk – It is possible to socialize with family and friends, have a good time, and do something OTHER than eat! Also, exercise boosts your production of “feel good” hormones, which not only allow you to feel great but also help reduce your food cravings and stoke your fat-burning furnace.

RULE: Take a walk, go to the gym, play football in the park – move, and you will burn the calories and feel much better.
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These Tips Will Allow You To Still Enjoy Your Festivities but not lose control of your diet.

Happy Holidays to You from Us!