Earth Day Wellness


Earth Day was this past Tuesday, April 22nd. In light of this most important holiday I decided to elaborate on wellness tips that are Earth conscious. We all know that personal wellness practice is greatly beneficial and the more we exercise the more likely we are to be spending our free time outside enjoying our most important resource, the Earth. The question of this week is how can you show your gratitude for our planet while continuing your wellness practice?


My first Earthly Wellness Tip for the week focuses on human connectivity. Massage Therapy can be a great and very human way to maintain well-being and express gratitude for the very organic need for connectivity with another being. A regular massage satisfies two very natural human needs, the need for socialization and the need to be touched by another person. If you look at all walks of life on this Earth you can see that these needs are present in all species on this planet. Show some gratitude for the Earth by getting a massage and enjoying the naturally beautiful sensation of touch.


For my second Earthly Wellness Tip I would like to focus on diet constraints. My feeling is that diet constraints are unnecessary if you eat the right types of food. A good way to show your gratitude for the Earth is by eating only foods that come directly from it. While this may be quite difficult on a budget and depending on where you live, having this mindset will help you when choosing what to buy at the grocery store. Buying unprocessed foods and farm fresh foods can make you feel great and eat well too! Purchasing fruits, vegetables, meat and grains that are all produced locally and organically can help reduce the footprint you have on this planet. These types of foods are also more beneficial in that they don’t contain unknown ingredients that could be potentially harmful to your body. With all of this in mind don’t forget to enjoy a meal outside once in a while. Show some gratitude for the naturally beautiful places the Earth provides by enjoying a meal outside.


How do you get to work? Drive, walk, bike, public transportation? Imagine if everyone who lived within a couple miles of work took one day out of the week to walk, bike or run to work. My third Earthly Wellness Tip is to remind you how harmful some forms of transportation can be to our planet. If we all took one day out of the work week to find a different and more sustainable way to get to work that would save a lot of fossil fuel. Even if we all dedicated one day to carpooling or taking public transportation we would still be making a difference. Incorporating exercise into your daily travels can also be fulfilling and rewarding. Adding an hour of exercise to your daily routine can improve physical and mental being. Not to mention you get to be outside enjoying the Earth!


Leave a comment below and let us know how your wellness practice reflects your appreciation for the Earth!


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