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My Mom…Do You Know The Story?

 My Mom…Do You Know The Story? It’s not hard to tell this, and then again, it is painfully hard… My Mom, Grace Hope died on 9/11, too. 9/11/2001 is a date that so many of us know as the infamous day when thousands of people died in New York City, Arlington Virginia and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. My […]

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Sunscreen Smarts

Summer’s not over yet! Have you been using the right sunscreen? Your body needs some amount of sunshine exposure each day for good health, but too much can damage your skin, lead to premature aging, cause painful sunburn, and contribute to skin cancer. You know using sunscreen is a smart idea, but it’s hard deciding […]

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An Ancient New Trend

What’s all the hype about oil pulling? You may have only recently heard about oil pulling, but it’s been around for three millennia. An ancient oral remedy in India and part of the Ayruvedic health system (which also includes Yoga and meditation), oil pulling is an increasingly popular health trend. Plaque removal, gingivitis prevention, headache […]

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