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Heart These Foods

Simple food substitutions for a healthy heart. Old habits die hard. It’s not easy changing the eating habits you’ve lived with for years. But when your doctor tells you your heart and possibly your life is in danger if you don’t make changes, it’s a sure wake-up call. Along with exercise, your diet plays a […]

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What Is Dietary Fiber And Why Do We Need It?

Dietary fiber is more important to your health than you may think. “Fiber is good for you.” “Eat more fiber.” You hear a lot about dietary fiber these days, but why is it so good for you? If you know anything about fiber, you know it works to keep you regular and relieve constipation, but […]

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Become A Lean, Green Vegetable Eating Machine

Eat more leafy green vegetables for weight loss and good health. Kale, collards, cabbage… What do these foods have in common besides starting with a “k” sound? They’re all leafy green vegetables. Add spinach, lettuces, turnip greens, Swiss chard, and mustard greens and you’ve got a plate full of nutritious goodness. Chances are you’re not […]

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Nutritious Summer Foods

How to avoid sinking your teeth into summer foods that will ruin your months of healthy eating. The warm weather begs for cookouts, baseball games, lazy days by the water, amusement parks, and holiday celebrations. But alongside these fun events come fried chicken, hot dogs, cocktails, funnel cakes, and potato salad. Everywhere you look, high-calorie […]

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Eating To Help Fuel Your Body

Fuel your body with the right nutrition. Just as a race car can’t go far or fast without the right kind of fuel, neither can an athlete compete at his or her best or recover afterwards without the right nutrition. Marathon runners, triathletes, soccer players, long-distance swimmers or cyclers, competitive weight lifters, or anyone else […]

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