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What Shoes Should You Choose?

How to find the best shoes for your feet. Does your job keep you on your feet for hours at a time? Do your feet or back ache after a long day at work? It may be caused from ill-fitting or non-supportive shoes. Since your feet will travel a distance equal to walking around the […]

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6 Ways that Poor Ergonomics Can Have Negative Consequences on Your Health

6 Ways that Poor Ergonomics Can Have Negative Consequences on Your Health One of the most common reasons why ergonomics is ignored, is that we often confuse the symptoms it causes, with other conditions. We tend to attribute eye strain to working too many hours; tingling in extremities to conditions like anxiety; and muscular pain, […]

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How Do I Achieve Good Posture?

We are the experts on ergonomics. If you have ever wondered what simple things you could be doing to improve your posture, read our suggestions below. We might just save your back… Question: What does the re-occurring knot between your shoulder blades, the tension headache you get during a stressful day at work, and the […]

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10 Tips For An Ergonomic Computer Workstation

Work should not be a pain in the neck! (Or wrist, or shoulder for that matter!) You need to read this post if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort from the long days in the office. (Our suggestions have been proven to assist in relieving strain and pressure from repetitive patterns while sitting at […]

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