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Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center

​​Get Out Of Pain​, Fast!

Chronic Pain​, ​Recent Injury, Surgery, Car Accident, Work or Sports Injury – ​ Le​t's Get You Less Pain ​& Easier Movement! ​​ 
Request​ ​a convo with our director, Irene Diamond for FAST Pain Relief! ​ ​

​We follow the proprietary 7-Step D.I.A.M.O.N.D. sequence for each and every session to get you the fastest, most effective clinical outcome, possible!


Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center is an evidence-based Precise Private Practice.

We provide the most effective comprehensive hands-on & movement-based therapies for Pain & Stiffness of the Back, Neck, Knee and Shoulder; Headaches and Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and many other orthopedic symptoms such as TMJ disorder and Sciatica.

Our signature pain relief modality is Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method™, developed by Irene Diamond, RT, our director and rehabilitation specialist.

You may also benefit from Massage Therapy, Stress Management, Ergonomic Consulting, Fitness and Strength programs.

We Are Your "Mover Improvers" & "Pain Relievers"

California’s first & only "Precise Private Practice"!

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"Precise Private Practice"

The "Precise Private Practice" business model concept was developed in 2016
by our founder, Irene Diamond, RT.

  • As a Precise Private Practice,   we are extremely selective in who we bring into our wellness center.
  • ​We ONLY accept the PRECISE patients and clients we know we can ​support. 
  • Our goal is to ​guide you to reach your PRECISE goals.
  • We follow PRECISE therapy methods and plans based on your PRECISE needs and clinical situation.

If you are accepted as a client, you will receive:

  • ​A PRECISE therapy plan to help you reach your ​PRECISE goals​​
  • ​Comprehensive results through PRECISE clinical protocols and modalities
  • ​Fast, PRECISE results or you don't pay!

(​New clients & patients accepted by Referral ​or Request)

We are committed to ​providing our new kind of wellness-care experience that 
may very-likely ​become the model for private-practices across the country.

Contact Us Now  to discuss your options for a session or program.

We provide non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive methods of pain relief, rehabilitation and recovery from chronic or acute pain​ from injuries, accidents, pregnancy, sports or pre or post surgery; or stress management and ergonomics education. ​

We provide:

  • ​Active Myofascial Therapy™ ~ The Diamond Method​
  • Massage Therapy​
  • Ergonomic Education​
  • S​tress Management​ Sessions

You have finally found your solution for improved ​mobility and ​reduced pain
provided by caring experts in a private, personalized manner.

Don't waste any more time in pain ...
Call today to request to be accepted in as a client!


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