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Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center

​​Get Out Of Pain​, Fast!

Chronic Pain​, ​Recent Injury, Surgery, Car Accident, Work or Sports Injury – ​ Le​t's Get You Less Pain ​& Easier Movement! ​​ 
Request​ ​a convo with our director, Irene Diamond for FAST Pain Relief! ​ ​


Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center is an evidence-based Precise Private Practice.

We provide the most effective comprehensive hands-on & movement-based therapies for Pain & Stiffness of the Back, Neck, Knee and Shoulder; Headaches and Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and many other orthopedic symptoms such as TMJ disorder and Sciatica.

Our signature pain relief modality is Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method™, developed by Irene Diamond, RT, our director and rehabilitation specialist.

You may also benefit from Massage Therapy, Stress Management, Ergonomic consulting, Fitness and Strength programs.

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We are Your "Mover Improvers" & "Pain Relievers"

California’s first & only "Precise Private Practice"!

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"Precise Private Practice"

The "Precise Private Practice" business model concept was developed in 2016 by our founder, Irene Diamond, RT.

As a Precise Private Practice,   we are extremely selective in who we bring into our wellness center.

​We ONLY accept the PRECISE patients and clients we know we can help. Our goal is to support you to reach your PRECISE goals. We follow our PRECISE therapy methods and plans based on your PRECISE needs and clinical situation.

If you are accepted as a client, you will receive:

  • ​A PRECISE therapy plan to help you reach your ​PRECISE goals​​
  • ​Comprehensive results through PRECISE clinical protocols and modalities
  • ​Fast, PRECISE results or you don't pay!

(We accept new clients & patients by Referral ​or  Request)

We are committed to ​providing our new kind of wellness-care experience that 
may very-likely ​become the model for private-practices across the country.

Contact Us Now  to discuss your options for non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive methods of pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and recovery from chronic or acute pain, or for stress management and ergonomics education.

We provide:

  • ​Active Myofascial Therapy™ ~ The Diamond Method​
  • Massage Therapy​
  • Ergonomic education​
  • S​tress management​
  • Pain relief and improved recovery and mobility from injuries, accidents, pregnancy, sports or pre or post surgery.

You have finally found your solution for improved health and wellness provided by caring experts in a private, personalized manner.

Don't waste any more time in pain ...
Call today to request to be a client! 415-921-1290

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